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During our twenty-five year history, we’ve welcomed students from over 22 nations in Europe, from Asia, and from South, Central and North America.

Victoria’s Sooke School District’s International Student Programs offer you…

  • The opportunity to learn more about Canada and about yourself
  • The opportunity to achieve the level of academic success that is required for entrance into Canada’s top universities
  • The opportunity to engage in a wide range of outdoor, and recreational and cultural activities
  • The opportunity to travel to Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler, Mt. Washington and more

Sooke International Student Program is offered within select public schools located within Vancouver Islands’s beautiful Greater Victoria region. The Sooke School district serves Victoria’s WestShore suburban communities of Colwood, Langford and the Highlands, together with the rural community of Metchosin and the seaside village of Sooke.

Victoria’s vibrant Westshore communities are growing rapidly. People are drawn to the natural and unspoiled beauty of our many parks and seaside beaches, the strong sense of local community and the close proximity to the culture and shopping opportunities in downtown Victoria.

International Students choose study with us, confident that they will have a multinational program experience that focuses upon each student’s complete integration into Canadian school and community life. Our commitment is to offering each and every student a remarkable experience. Our commitment is to you.

Academic Program - Challenging and Rewarding

Sooke Schools International Programs offer a rigorous academic program that is balanced by a variety of elective course offerings and a rewarding activity program. International students (aged 12 to 18) form a small (less than 3%) but important part of each school’s student population. International students are encouraged to become fully involved in school and community life and are often matched with a Canadian Student Ambassador to support their integration into the community.

Staff - Fully accredited, skilled and engaged

Sooke School classes are taught by university and government accredited teachers with specialist skills in specific subject areas. Students seeking to improve their English language skills will find support available to them through specifically designed classes or supportive experiences within a fully integrated study experience.

The program is directed and managed by professional staff with Masters and undergraduate degrees from the University of Victoria and Harvard University.

Our remarkable student support program

Sooke Schools International homestay families are carefully selected and oriented by our own, highly-qualified homestay program manager. Our long-serving, kind and thoughtful host families meet regularly with program staff. Many also join students to supervise our out-of-school activities. Supportive program staff and program associates are available to offer students support in German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.