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The Sooke School District includes 3 secondary schools and 4 middle schools which are all part of the BC public education system.

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The Sooke School District is home to 3 secondary schools and 4 middle schools. Two of our three high schools are brand new, having opened their doors in September of 2015.

Our high schools are on a semester (half-year) system. Each semester lasts for five months (September – January and February – June), and students generally study four courses per semester. All of our schools follow the curriculum and learning standards set by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, taught by B.C.-certified teachers. The standard of education is commonly recognized as one of the highest in the world. Sooke Schools offer students a variety of academic and elective courses to meet their individual needs and interests. Students interested in an academically rigourous program can choose from Advanced Placement (AP) and pre-AP courses where they have the opportunity to earn credit towards university studies, or dual-credit university level courses offered right at their high school.

Our students always enjoy the opportunity to take elective courses in subject areas such as woodworking, foods and nutrition, film and television studies, marketing, psychology, and environmental studies, among others.

Many of our schools offer specialized Academy Programs, where students can focus on developing their athletic skills during the school day. Academies offered at our schools are: Equine Academy, Baseball Academy, Rugby Academy, Soccer Academy, Dance Academy, Lacrosse Academy and Ice Hockey Academy.

Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

Grades 9-12


Dunsmuir Middle School

Journey Middle School

L’Ecole John Stubbs

Spencer Middle School