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Our homestay program is managed through the Sooke School School District International Program office. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure a positive homestay experience for each visiting student and for each homestay.

Hosting Students

Student Hosting


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sooke Schools International Student Program homestay parent!

The role of the homestay parent is critical to the student’s academic success. In addition, the parental support and the opportunities for enriching cultural, athletic and community activities that homestay parents provide can have a significant impact on the student’s experience. The homestay parent’s role requires curiosity, patience, good humour and understanding, not to mention a considerable amount of energy.

Rewarding Experience


Forming lasting lifelong connections, remaining in contact, visiting the students in their home country.

Solid and positive relationships between homestay parents and their student often lead to a variety of shared and rewarding experiences. A number of the members of our homestay family community remain in contact with ‘their’ student years after the student has completed the program, with family members even visiting the students and their families in the years after the students return home.

Getting adjusted

Getting adjusted to new family

We are committed to helping everyone involved to have a remarkable experience!

Welcoming a new member into the family, even if for a period as brief as a few weeks, can sometimes lead to moments of misunderstanding and uncertainty. We are committed to assisting you if such moments occur. One of our professional staff is always on-call to assist, if necessary.

Program Support

Program Support

Program Support


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Program Support


The honorarium is forwarded just prior to the first day of the month in recognition of the month ahead.

Homestay families receive an honorarium in recognition of their commitment to providing students with all the agreed to family life amenities and support. Our homestay coordinators work closely with families, students, and district staff to ensure that students receive consistent care through clear communication among all support providers.


Homestay Resources


Oh my god, it was amazing. I had so much fun.

- Marie Louise, Italy
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